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   My name is Sue Wood and I am a nature poet and artist living on the Isle of Skye. I try to capture the essence of Skye through verse, with its changing light, ominous mountains and lonely lochs with their restless tides. While writing my poetry I try to recreate the moods and atmosphere of this amazing island. My art is an extension of my poetry and blends the written word with the visual arts. This also enhances the visual aesthetics of my poetry books, using mixed media.

   The Isle of Skye has dramatic mountains, wild glens and amazing seascapes; it offers a varied wilderness for free spirits. This sensational island changes constantly through the seasons, with wild Atlantic storms, snowy mountains and balmy summer nights with spectacular skies –

This is my inspiration!

I have a love of Nature and I am fortunate to have a two-acre croft here on Skye, which has a wildflower meadow running along the banks of the river Roskhill. I named the meadow Òran Uisge (Gaelic for song of the water). Òran Uisge is perfect setting for writing and painting.

I write a blog called skyenatureblog.com which is a collection of poems, artwork, videos, soundtracks, photographs and prose. This is a total celebration of Skye and Nature. A good example is -The Dawn Chorus.

I have always had a love of poetry since childhood, after reading Autumn Fires by Robert Louis Stevenson. I loved the way this poem made me feel as if I was standing next to a bonfire in the Autumn air.

  Another poet who has inspired me is John Clare with his evocative nature poems. My favourite is I Love to See the Summer Beaming Forth. This poem is so descriptive of Summer. William Wordsworth’s Daffodil is another inspirational poem, which reminds me of daffodils in the Lake district in Springtime.

Timeless Shores- alcohol ink

A stimulating environment to be connected with nature, which fills the soul, creating a sense of calmness and inspiration.

Coral Beach

This setting inspired two poems, Distant Isle and Island Shore, which can be found in the book, Isle of Skye Timeless Shores

Atlantic Ocean
Western Sunset- alcohol ink

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Isle of Skye Timeless Shores: Skye in Colour eBook : wood, sue: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store