Sue WoodArt and poetry based on the west coast of the Isle of Skye.

My art medium is alcohol ink on Yupo paper, which constantly flows, replicating the changeable light in the natural world. This is a wonderful medium to work with; dark moody colours, which represent wild storms through to bright vibrant hues, which highlight the amazing skies, reflected on the calm seas.

I am passionate about Skye with its dramatic mountains, wild glens and amazing seascapes; it offers a varied wilderness for free spirits. The island changes constantly through the seasons with wild Atlantic storms, snow capped mountains and balmy Summer nights with spectacular skies.

My biggest achievement is the creation of my first poetry book Isle of Skye – Timeless Shores, which is a poetic journey describing the natural beauty of the island. The poems are written in an evocative style to allow the reader to experience Skye’s natural wonders through verse.

Timeless Shores

A stimulating environment to be connected with nature, which fills the soul, creating a sense of calmness and inspiration.

Coral Beach

Atlantic Ocean
Western Sunset