My favourite writing corner apart from the meadow

My name is Sue Wood and I am a poet, artist and nature blogger living in Roskhill, Dunvegan on the west coast of the Isle of Skye. I have a passion for nature and this reflects in my poetry and art.

I was born in England and was fortunate to live in an area surrounded by farmland and open spaces. My childhood was packed full of outdoor play; building camps, making mud pies, making perfume from rose petals and having lots of freedom. My environment was filled with the natural world with an abundance of birds, beetles and wildflowers. An idyllic childhood which, is now quite scarce. My father took me blackberry picking and pond dipping on a regular basis. These were very happy times, which gave me a love of nature; a happy place to feel at home in. This was a magical time and enhanced my fascination with the natural world.


Throughout my career I have always worked with pre-school children, in education settings and students in further education. I studied BA Child and Youth Studies at Inverness college UHI and followed this with a diploma qualification in teaching in further education. I was a lecturer at Westhighland college, Portree, the University of the Highlands and Islands teaching both school leavers and mature students. My main focus throughout my career has been to promote the importance of the natural world for childrens’ happiness, health and wellbeing. Once a child has been fully engaged into the natural world, he/she will take this forward into adulthood. This is a wonderful gift which, is a natural tonic helping to protect physical and mental health for life.

I first visited Skye with my new husband Warren in 1980 and I will never forget this magical time of crystal-clear lochs, dramatic mountains and beautiful scenery. We felt at home in these surroundings and wanted to stay forever. We dreamt of owning a small holding with chickens and vegetable plots; “living the dream life”. We made a decision to move to Skye in 1993 while our two daughters were still young. It took a further two years to come to fruition but…. we did it!

Moving to Skye with my husband and young family was a dream come true. To be surrounded in this magnificent landscape with its abundance of wildlife was simply amazing. We faced many trials and some hardships on our Skye journey but, with hard work and perseverance, we survived.

Atlantic Ocean

We have lived on Skye for 25 years and are now fortunate to have a croft which, we acquired three years ago. The croft has a wildflower meadow which, runs along the banks of the river Roskhill. I named the meadow Oran Uisge (Gaelic for song of water) because, while sitting amongst the wildflowers, the river gently flows along, towards the sea, providing a tranquil sound.

River Roskhill

Oran Uisge is an inspirational place to watch the bees and butterflies foraging for food, with fragrance filling the air from the wildflowers whilst, listening to the abundance of songbirds. This inspired me to create skyenatureblog.com which, provides a selection of posts with poems, artwork, nature quotes, photographs and videos, all relating to this wonderful island. This amazing setting also inspired me to write my first poem “Midsummer Night”, followed by “Dragonfly”. I continued to write and decided to publish them in my first book, Timeless Shores.

Timeless Shores is currently available in the following outlets:

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