I had a studio built on the meadow beneath the large conifer tree. The studio overlooks the river and is the perfect setting to inspire my creativity. This will be used as a dedicated space for my writing and art. It is a wonderful place to invite friends for coffee and cake. I have been replanting bluebell bulbs which were dislodged during the excavation process. I am very excited about the wildflowers in the Spring.

The studio faces south and takes full advantage of the sun as it travels across the sky.

I am very proud to say that everything inside the studio has been recycled or was a gift from friends and family.


Inspired by nature and living on this amazing island.

During an evening stoll on midsummer night and I could hear a snipe flying over the moor. The bees were humming as they foraged for nectar in the fading light. The scents from the honeysuckle and orchids floated through the air. I was inspired to write the poem “Midsummer Night” and here is an excerpt

Midsummer night

To settle and rest and close your eyes,

Absorbing the sweet air with gentle sighs.

The dew is falling with moist delight,

To cool the meadow in the fading light…